NOCO Battery Charger 2Amp 6v/12v/Lithium


NOCO Genius 2 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer for
6V & 12V Lead Acid Series and 12.8V Lithium [LiFePO4] Batteries.
Correctly charges Lead-Acid Series batteries up to 40Ah with an intelligent 8 step charging process.

The supplied battery X-Connection Lead Set is convertible from clamp style end to eyelet type (6.5mm fitting) for attaching direct to the battery terminal post.
Simply remove the Allen screw on each clamp [3mm Allen Key required] to access the eyelet end.

The DCV inline X-Connect plug connector allows the NOCO Genius charger to be quickly disconnected or reconnected when required.
The Genius 2 Charger AC cable length is 182cm, the DC cable length is 142cm and the X-Connect lead set is 55cm = 379cm [maximum attachment range].

Replacement Lead Sets are available as an optional accessory for replacing lost connector or adding an additional set to another battery / motorcycle for easy charging.

Designed for Australian 240 Volts 50Hz power point socket.

Note – Supplied with a User Guide & Warranty Information booklets.

For detailed information & specifications – please click the following hyperlink – Genius 2 Info

NOCO Battery Charger 2Amp 6v/12v/Lithium
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